Our mission is to be an industry leader by creating a family of talented individuals in a culture of innovation, safety, quality, efficiency and fun.

Who we are

From its beginnings as a family business, DCM continues to uphold the tradition of treating employees like family members. DCM is very respectful and mindful of its employees, and promotes a fun work environment striking the performed balance between career and family.

DCM encourages its employees to excel and achieve their full potential. Self-realization, career advancement, accountability and self-recognition are the priority. DCM employees work hard by developing extensive experience and building high-quality works they can be proud of.

At DCM, nothing is more valuable than the health and safety of each member of our “family”. From senior management to construction site workers, this is a genuine culture that ensures a safe work environment for everyone.

In short, working for DCM means fulfilling your own potential by creating outstanding work, and growing within a family that genuinely cares about your quality of life and safety.

DCM offers good work conditions:

  • A challenging, diversified and safe work environment
  • Development and advancement opportunities
  • A culture focused on fun, team work, and success
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Industry-leading work shifts
  • And more!

Employee Testimonials