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We are proud to work with skilled employees who bring a variety of competencies to our group, because they contribute directly to the growth and success of our business. Electricians, pipefitters, welders, and many more trade workers wishing to contribute their expertise as well as those wanting to manage projects or take on team supervision will most definitely find an opportunity to match their career goals. If you want to develop your potential and be involved in exciting projects, come and join our team!

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Pre-employment requirements

At DCM, we want to hire safe and responsible employees. Most of our job opportunities across Canada demand a high level of responsibility, which requires us to conduct pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.

Each province has its own provincial requirements for tradespeople. This could be a mandatory certificate of competency, as is the case for all tradespeople hired by DCM.

For most trades, inter-provincial agreements ensure that your provincial card is recognized in all other provinces.

To be a certified journeyperson in Alberta, visit the AIT (Apprenticeship and Industry Training) website for more information.

All our job sites require CSTS training, and some require OSSA orientation.

To be a certified journeyperson in Quebec, a journeyperson needs a qualification card issued by the CCQ or a card from his home province recognized by the CCQ.

Also, all construction workers need the ASP-Construction 30-hour training or other recognized training. Visit ASP Construction

For a certified journeyperson from Quebec who wishes to work in Alberta, additional prerequisites might apply.

Plumbers seeking to work as steamfitters/pipefitters need to have a certificate of competency in this field.

As Grade B-Pressure Welder is not a recognized trade in Quebec, welders must obtain recognition of previous training and experience from AIT.

Scaffolders and instrumentation technicians are generally not governed by a government-recognized certification program and will need a case-by-case assessment of their qualification to work for DCM.

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