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  • 07
  • Jan
With the holiday season now behind us, our major project teams are back at work after a much-deserved winter break. The U2 Maintenance team at the CNRL Horizon site worked,…
  • 22
  • Déc
Our winners for the months of September and October are: Sengdara Vangphet, Dave Taylor, John Vandermaaten, Phyllis Podsedrik, Muraliu Baliuada, Chris Dowdiug and Victor Chen. Congratulations!
  • 08
  • Déc
DCM’s scope for Air Liquide has now wrapped up, with demobilization being complete before Christmas. At the same time as this scope is ending, DCM has managed to secure a…
  • 01
  • Déc
Maintenance operations continue to be a challenge in these difficult economic times. DCM has been working closely with partners CMAW and CNRL to ensure our shared goal of providing a…
  • 24
  • Nov
DCM has completed a plant upgrade for Suncor for the replacement of a vessel and installation of upgraded piping for the vessel at the Mackay River SAGD site. The work,…
  • 18
  • Nov
DAWCO obtained a mandate for the replacement of a fire alarm system in Building 559. Alain Daniel and Luc Chainey will launch the project in the near future. A team…
  • 17
  • Nov
The project team, led by Shane Lauzon and Daryl Tran, has worked diligently to ensure the success of work at MacKay River. This is the first project we have done…
  • 04
  • Nov
This week, DCM completed installation of the last of the equipment on one of the largest and most complex projects in our company’s history: a gas recovery unit for a…
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